Our favourite ethical and nutritious Canadian beverage companies

Most of us enjoy having our meals with sodas, but do you know the amounts of sugar that you are consuming or how the ingredients are sourced? These are important questions to tackle, as we are responsible for our health and for our society. Hence, we have picked six of our favourite Canadian ethical and/or nutritious drink companies to complement your next Wok Fresh meal

1. Rise Kombucha

Rise Kombucha is proudly brewed in Montreal, Canada, since 2008 and is made with 100% raw kombucha. Kombucha contains probiotics, organic acids and antioxidants that help with digestion and support the immune system. Not only is this brand locally produced but it’s also organic, fair-trade, and vegan. Unique offerings such as Mint and Chlorophyll and Lemongrass create a diverse taste palette and would go well with our multi-cultural Wok Fresh meals.

2. 1642 Sodas

1642 Sodas is based in Montreal and reinvented colas by changing the norm in the industry with quality natural ingredients: by not adding benzoate sodium, no plastic bottles and no artificial sweeteners. They use natural spring water, natural sugars such as maple syrup or honey, and 95 per cent of their suppliers are from Canada. Their products can be consumed straight from the bottle or mixed with other cocktails.

3. Lemon Lily

Lemon Lily is a Canadian tea company located in Toronto, which sources directly from organic farms. They handcraft 100% natural and certified organic loose leaf tea. Their teas are gluten free, nut free and free of artificial flavouring which means that all their flavours come directly from essential oils from fruits or plants. Our favourite tea blends are their wellness collection and the coconut chai latte that go very well with our Thai green curry and bibimbap.   

4. Pure Maple Water 

Pure Maple Water is a unique company that we discovered at the Canadian Health Food Association 2020 exhibit and their maple water tastes delectable. It is drawn directly from Canadian maple trees and is 100% natural. It also contains 46 bioactive compounds, which is great for hydration and recovery after an intense workout. You can either drink this as an alternative to water or can use this in your teas and smoothies instead.

5. Blume

Blume makes organic, vegan, and responsibly sourced superfood blends that make lattes easy. This company micro grinds their blends so that they can be more versatile in its uses: from smoothies to soups, and also because it increases the availability of health benefits. From turmeric to matcha lattes you'll find a Blume mix that meets your bodies and maintains your wellness even when you’re on the go.

6. Healthy Hooch

After retiring as professional athletes, a young Canadian couple wanted to keep pursuing a healthy lifestyle. As a result, Healthy Hooch was born, a craft kombucha company in British Columbia. Made with real, raw kombucha, this certified organic brew stands out as it only contains four grams of sugar per 250ml and fewer calories than other brands. Find it in 500mL bottles at your local health-focused food store. 


We hope you check out these unique companies and try their tasty offerings. As they are truly game changers when it comes to their sustainability and health focused approach in the highly competitive and monopolised beverage industry.

Ruya Rangara

Marketing @ Wok Fresh