Easy tips for following a zero-waste lifestyle at home

Does leading a zero waste lifestyle feel overwhelming? For many of us, quarantine means spending much more time at home, which is the perfect opportunity to implement some sustainability in our lives!  

These eight easy tips will help you better approach living a waste free life at your home. It is also important to note that reducing waste does not entail getting rid of all your luxuries; it just means that you should be more conscious with your consumption and buying habits. In this way you will be living more sustainably and will also be saving money!

1. Live plastic container free

Instead of recycling your glass jars, you should reuse them! This is a great alternative to all the plastic packaging that you use for ingredients or food storage. Looking for glass jars? Check on your neighbourhood restaurants as they are likely to have many in their recycling bin. You can also reuse our Wok Fresh compostable pouches for heating and eating food instead of plastic plates.

2. Repurpose your wardrobe into cleaning supplies 

It is time to get creative with your old clothing that is out of style or that just doesn’t fit anymore! Instead of having these old outfits take up closet space, you can turn them into cleaning cloths and fancy floor mats, which replace store bought cleaning supplies and mats.

3. Newspaper to the rescue

For dry garbage bins you can use newspapers as bin liners instead of buying the plastic material liners and for wet garbage bins you can use jute bags if you have them at home. If not, old pillow cases could also do the trick!

4. Thinking outside the box with your food scraps

You can revive leftovers and cook food scraps such as potato peels in the oven to get tasty crispy chips. Similarly, other food scraps can be turned into jams and sauces. 

5. Borrow before buying

It is important to borrow before buying! Always reach out to your friends, Facebook groups or go to a library to find your next novel. You should also think second hand when it comes to your clothing as well, thrift stores have a wide range of fashion forward and vintage outfits for you to choose from. “Thrifting” is considered trendy and is also good for the environment.

6. Invest in a pressure cooker or an instant pot

A pressure cooker or an instant pot is a kitchen must have as it halves cooking time. It will also ensure that you do not get lazy and spend your food budget on food delivery services as you can now meal prep quicker with these appliances and have less plastic food containers piling up at home.

7. You can make multi purpose cleaner at home

Instead of buying a different cleaning liquid for your stove tops and your floors, you can actually try making one single multi purpose cleaner at home following this process: In a spray bottle, combine 1⁄2 cup white distilled vinegar with 1 cup water, and add 10 to 20 drops of tea tree, lemon or eucalyptus essential oil. Shake well before using.

8. Other small hacks to swear by

Reuse single sided printed paper for making notes or for making your grocery list, use your vegetable cleaning water to water plants. Another trick that I follow is that I open my oven after baking in the winter, as this is a good heating technique for my house. 

We hope that our list of quick and easy tips have inspired you to go zero-waste in your home! While they may seem like small actions, our collective efforts to reduce our ecological footprint means less garbage being dumped in landfills and a win for the environment.

Ruya Rangara 
Marketing @ Wok Fresh